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October 19 – 20, 2022






Gathering representatives of international and North American Associations, Non-Profits, Federations, Societies and NGOs, WIAF aims at establishing an international leading platform and knowledge sharing event in one of the world’s flagship host destinations for professional associations and non-profit organizations. 

WIAF’s primary mission this year is to bring together international and North America based international / American associations and non-profit organizations to provide knowledge transfer, to enable peer-to-peer exchange, to share best practices and to design joint initiatives to tackle common challenges, to help achieve better results and greater impact.

Washington D.C., much like Brussels and Geneva, is an institutional, political and advocacy hub and a central location for international diplomacy, innovation and professional expertise. The city’s unique ecosystem of public, private, non-profit, academic and political players provides a fertile ground for fostering an impactful dialogue and expertise sharing. Building and extending the community amongst international and North-American associations and non-profit organizations is one of the essence of WIAF. 



WIAF is accessible to all type of Associations, Federations, Federations, Societies, NGOs and Non-Profits (from C-level to junior level professionals), WIAF partners and supporters. 



WIAF is a) for International organizations that want to expand and improve their international operations and activities to create more impact as well as for b) domestic organizations that are just exploring opportunities and are interested in discussing and defining their very own potential international approach and strategy. Learning about the does and don’ts on the international scene, understanding cultural barriers and learning how to overcome them. 

At WIAF, we are discussing the ,how to’ and bring the discussion on international developments to the next level. Moving from the theory, making it practical and sharing real life scenarios that worked and didn’t work for other associations.


THANK YOU to our WIAF Global Destination Partners


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Start: October 19, 2022
End: October 20, 2022

Washington, DC, USA

Washington DC
United States


Abu Dhabi Convention & Exhibition Bureau


Barcelona Convention Bureau

  • Barcelona Convention Bureau

    Explore Barcelona Convention Bureau

    Barcelona Convention Bureau (BCB) is a specialized Turisme de Barcelona programme aimed at promoting the city as a venue for conferences, conventions and incentive travel, as well as offering free and neutral advisory services for professionals interested in organizing a meeting in Barcelona.

    Founded in 1983, BCB was a pioneer in this field in Spain. All these years of work have given us in-depth knowledge of the city, creating close working relationships with companies in the meetings industry.

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Meet in Ireland


Tourisme Montreal

  • Tourisme Montreal

    BIAF is supported and in partnership with

    Tourisme / Business Events Montreal:

    Palais des congrès de Montréal:

    Montreal International:

    Tourisme Montréal: Uniting the local tourism industry

    Tourisme Montréal is a private, non-profit organization that works to position Montréal as one of the most attractive cities in North America, recognized around the world for being an open, exciting and creative destination. The organization leads innovative tourist welcome strategies with a twofold objective: ensuring that visitors enjoy a high-quality experience and maximizing the economic benefits of tourism. Uniting more than 900 tourism industry stakeholders, Tourisme Montréal plays a leading role in the management and development of Montréal’s tourism offer and makes recommendations on issues with regard to the city’s economic, urban and cultural development. The organization’s mandate includes: 

    Maximizing the economic benefits of tourism
    Tourisme Montréal creates business opportunities for its members and partners with a view to maximizing the economic spinoffs of tourism for the whole city. The organization develops market-specific business intelligence to better target tourist segments, develop new markets and create connections around the world.

    Developing and deploying innovative tourist welcome strategies
    Tourisme Montréal leads local efforts to develop tourist welcome strategies that create an unforgettable experience for visitors. Our responsibilities include managing a tourist information office and educating the tourism industry on the importance of offering an outstanding welcome. 
    In line with these aims, the organization launched the “Montréal vous accueille” project, displaying the BONJOUR signature at all of the city’s points of entry and tourist attractions. The goal of this initiative is to rally tourism professionals around a shared greeting strategy and provide a unified visual that showcases the city’s dominant language and warm personality.

    Managing and developing the tourism offer
    Tourisme Montréal plays a leading role in the management and development of Montréal’s tourism offer, ensuring alignment with industry trends. It also makes recommendations on issues surrounding the city’s economic, urban and cultural development. Its goal is to enhance Montréal’s appeal during all four seasons and to highlight the destination’s unique personality. 

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MCI Group

  • MCI Group

    MCI is a global engagement and marketing agency.  We design human-centric touchpoints that unleash the power of people to deliver innovation and growth.

    Firm believers in the power of building community since 1987, we help brands, associations and not-for-profit organisations solve their challenges and shape their tomorrow through our core expertise:

    • Live & virtual events
    • Strategic & digital communications
    • Consulting & community solutions

    We are an independently owned company, headquartered in Geneva, Switzerland, with a global presence of 60 offices in 31 countries.


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  • idloom

    Explore idloom

    As experts in corporate digital communication, we have the experience of offering a unique combination of technological, marketing, and management expertise to our clients. We apprehend digital communication as a whole to achieve maximal value creation for our clients, and therefore offer state of the art software solutions tailored to their needs, along with customized support and consulting.

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ASIS International


Association Laboratory Inc.


Community by Association, LLC



  • Exempla

    Exempla helps associations and event organisers achieve sustainable success.

    We develop and implement strategies for content and community driven organisations – online and in-person. Clients get direct access to our Partners and their decades of experience for a valuable and cost-effective collaboration, right from the first conversation. We are committed to creating solutions specific to your context, objectives and resources.

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Factum Global


ONE Campaign

  • ONE Campaign

    ONE is a global movement campaigning to end extreme poverty and preventable disease by 2030, so that everyone, everywhere can lead a life of dignity and opportunity.
    We believe the fight against poverty isn’t about charity, but about justice and equality.

    Whether lobbying political leaders in world capitals or running cutting-edge grassroots campaigns, ONE pressures governments to do more to fight extreme poverty and preventable disease, particularly in Africa, and empowers citizens to hold their governments to account. 

    ONE’s supporters are crucial to this work. They come from every walk of life and from across the political spectrum. They’re artists and activists, faith and business leaders, students and scientists. They take action day in, day out — organising, mobilising, educating, and advocating so that people will have the chance not just to survive, but to thrive.

    ONE teams in Abuja, Berlin, Brussels, Dakar, Johannesburg, London, New York, Ottawa, Paris and Washington DC, educate and lobby governments to shape policy solutions that save and improve millions of lives — and which every year are under threat from cuts and other priorities.

    Co-founded by Bono and other activists, ONE is strictly nonpartisan. ONE is not a grant-making organisation and does not solicit funding from the public or receive government funds. 
    ONE is funded almost entirely by foundations, individual philanthropists and corporate partners.

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