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Gathering representatives of international and North American Associations, Non-Profits, Federations, Societies and NGOs, WIAF aims at establishing an international leading platform and knowledge sharing event in one of the world’s flagship host destinations for professional associations and non-profit organizations. 

WIAF’s primary mission this year is to bring together international and North-America based international / american associations and non-profit organizations to provide knowledge transfer, to enable peer-to-peer exchange, to share best practices and to design joint initiatives to tackle common challenges, to help achieve better results and greater impact.

Washington D.C., much like Brussels and Geneva, is an institutional, political and advocacy hub and a central location for international diplomacy, innovation and professional expertise. The city’s unique ecosystem of public, private, non-profit, academic and political players provides a fertile ground for fostering an impactful dialogue and expertise sharing. Building and extending the community amongst international and North-American associations and non-profit organizations is one of the essence of WIAF. 


WIAF is accessible to all type of Associations, Federations, Societies, NGOs and Non-Profits (from C-level to junior level professionals), WIAF partners and supporters. 





Start: October 19, 2022
End: October 20, 2022

Washington, DC, USA

Washington DC
United States

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